A Humble Christian Author

Learn about the dreams that led a simple Christian author living in the piney woods of East Texas to write a book of spiritual poetry. Ruth Freeman was inspired to write her book, “Dreams of Inspiration in My Fathers Hands” after she began writing her thoughts on the bare walls of her remodeled bathroom. Her dreams filled her head with thoughts that she poured out onto the drywall that surrounded her.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, especially when he speaks to us through the dreams of artists. Ruth utilizes her talents as a writer to connect with the human spirit and convey God’s message of hope and love to those most in need. As she wrote these messages of faith on the walls of her bathroom, Ruth began to see her book taking shape.

Hand-written Poem from WallRuth is much more than just a Christian book writer, as she uses all of her talents to serve the Lord. Her connection to the Holy Spirit is touching the lives of others through poetry, painting, teaching, and ranching with her husband. Add her work of poetry to your library today, and shine as the brightness of the firmament to others in your world.

Dreaming on the Ranch

Life was great for Ruth and her husband, Steve. They shared a passion for animal health and animal husbandry with many across the region through their teaching and management at the Northeast Texas Farmers’ Cooperative. Ruth’s deep and abiding faith in the Lord led her to develop her skills as a painter and a writer. She has always endeavored to create works that demonstrate how God’s inspirational words can enrich the soul and lift up the human spirit.

The course of Ruth’s work changed when the dreams began. As she and her husband started the process of remodeling a bathroom at their ranch, a series of inspirational dreams drove her to write for the good of everyone around her. One desperate prayer led to an incredible dream, and she began to articulate those thoughts on the bare walls of that bathroom.

Poem from Bathroom Wall

Find Your Moment

Ruth’s moment came early one morning when she awoke from a very vivid dream about heaven. She sat up in bed and could not stop thinking about the peace, kindness, and compassion she had just witnessed in that one amazing dream. The brilliance, colors, and words of inspiration became so magnified in those waking moments that she got up from her bed and went into a spare bathroom which was being remodeled. Gazing at the bare walls she picked up a sharpie in her hand and it became a literary brush, and that very dream became one of many beautiful dreams of inspiration on the bathroom walls. That same sense of inspiration to create and connect with others became the foundation for her Christian poetry books.

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